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Peter Zimmar and Elenia Witherell of Heritage Realty Services, LLC. with the 2011 winner of the Bike Giveaway Event at Westchester Park Center.
Tenants of Westchester Park Center take away gifts from Heritage Realty Services, LLC. Including reusable shopping totes and collapsible water bottles; Bike Giveaway Event 2011
Peter Zimmar and Elenia Witherell of Heritage Realty Services, LLC. with Mayor Ron Belmont of Harrison; Bike Giveaway Event 2011
Tenants of Westchester Park Center discuss biking Tips with special guest Bino Cummings, Manager of Hickory & Tweed bicycle shop in Armonk, NY, at the Bike Giveaway Event 2010.
A raffle is held by Heritage Realty Services, LLC. during the Bike Giveaway Event 2010.
Westchester Park Drive holds Bike Giveaway Event to help promote commuter biking; 2010
In 2009, Westchester Park Center constructed a covered bike shelter to provide tenants and guests with alternative parking options in order to promote the office park’s mission of creating a responsible, sustainable work environment.

Promoting a Responsible Work Environment

Heritage Realty Services LLC is dedicated to operating its properties in an environmentally progressive and sustainable manner and has been at the forefront of promoting and creating a responsible work environment throughout their properties.

  • Promoting commuter cycling programs at Gannett Office Park:

- Creating a secured, covered bicycle shelter.
- Providing showers and lockers for cycling commuters.
- Establishing a yearly commuter bicycle give away to tenants.

  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Installing new energy compliant Building Management Systems (BMS).
  • Complying fully with all local, state and federal recycling programs.
  • Actively educating and promoting environmentally friendly programs to our tenants.
  • Insisting that all our Vendors perform services in our properties that comply fully with sustainable programs.
  • Replacing roofs with energy‐star rated roofing material that uses highly reflective roof surfaces.