The Heritage Design and Construction Management Group consistently meet client's requirements by providing on-time and on-budget development projects. This includes selecting contractors from a well-established list of existing relationships to complete functionally and financially viable projects. Heritage understands the impact materials have on the environment and uses environmentally sound materials and methods in all design and construction projects.

In-house Design and Construction Management team with active experience in construction/infrastructure and expertise in understanding the scope of work, design plans, and quality control inspections at every stage.

In-house design staff utilizing latest CAD programs allows for immediate response to customize and provide tenant test fits, a thorough understanding of all construction related work, and direct supervision of the design/construction process.

Tenant improvement work letters created for each individual property to meet the specified needs of tenants and ownership.

Active construction accounting and financial management strategies developed to control labor, materials, supplies, equipment, and relationships with pre-qualified vendors and professional service providers in local markets and across the globe allows for comprehensive and effective project solutions and cost control.

Knowledge and understanding of Building Codes ensures projects meet all local building ordinances creating and maintaining safe and productive work environments.

Environmentally sound strategies and materials are utilized in all design solutions to promote a healthy work place and to enhance building sustainability.