Heritage Realty Services LLC's single industry focus has unparalleled industry knowledge and in-depth expertise in structuring cross-border real estate finance and acquisitions. The Heritage team has a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of sourcing, structuring and evaluating, and prides itself in consistently bringing complex transactions to successful fruitions.

A core group of managed accounts provides a reliable and consistent source of private equity.

Active, long standing relationships with financing resources.

Extensive experience in traditional and complex financing structures and loan covenants.

An edge in sourcing that allows access to every market and off-market opportunity.

An Innovative and progressive transactional platform with industry standard financial programs and economic metrics; this provides a comprehensive analysis of the opportunity.

Exceptionally experienced and multi-disciplined staff with strong real estate, finance, and economic backgrounds as well as analytical experience on an international scale.

Domestic and international transactional resources, including accountants, attorneys, appraisers, and environmental consultants provide value in every transaction.