Heritage Realty Services LLC has a long history and extensive experience in representing major projects

and tenant leasing assignments. As owners, investors, and property managers, Heritage is active in major global markets and has access to data and lease parameters that provide financial intelligence for effective and knowledgeable decision making.

REBNY and BOMA Membership are a source for well informed and up-to-date trends in the real estate and property industry.

Market surveys are formatted from industry market data sources that provide detailed insight into the market place and offer well defined, clear and cost effective solutions.

Lease negotiations are backed by expert knowledge and understanding of lease agreements, which include:

  • Commercial Office Leases – along with full-service, loft, and industrial spaces.
  • Retail Leases – within mixed use urban settings or suburban markets.
  • Land and Net Leases – as alternatives to finance and controlling property.
  • Lease Administration Services are available at all levels for property owners, tenants, and corporate facility management.

Facilities Management Programs provide effective space utilization to manage and maintain corporate real estate space needs, including future requirements, in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Tenant Representation Services are structured to provide flexible productive work environments. These services include:

  • Careful review and understanding of client needs and financial parameters.
  • Development of preliminary site survey's and reviews.
  • Short list and final selection for efficient use of client's time that includes complete occupancy, financial analysis, and tenant test-fit studies.
  • Lease negotiations providing expertise in critical financial aspects of the lease.
  • Construction management of tenant premises.

In-House Marketing allows for cost-effective, timely, and proactive marketing/promotional strategies which Management has complete quality control over.